Corporate relations

Corporate relations

ParisTech is an intrinsic part of the economic world which it serves, supports and accompanies.

ParisTech collaborates permanently with companies, natural allies with which it shares the same key priorities:

  • Competitiveness
  • Innovation
  • Creation of value added

In China, ParisTech gives support to the French, Chinese and international companies implemented in China, as they are developing their activities and business.

Educational programs to train top engineers and managers

Human Resources is still today one of the main challenge that face the foreign companies doing business in China. In an international and competitive environment, those companies are looking for young talents with great potential, able to work in an international environment.

ParisTech educational programs set-up in cooperation with Chinese universities developed young Chinese and French students skills according to the model of the French Schools of Engineering and Management in France. Students graduated with Chinese-French programs of cooperation of ParisTech are high-level engineers, scientists or managers, bilingual, and able to work on the international and the domestic market.