Master programmes

Master of Science at ParisTech

Be candidate to ParisTech Master of Science programs !

Chinese students from any university can apply to Master of Science program of ParisTech.

To know more about those programs and how to apply, please refer to ParisTech Master Programs website.

Students from ParisTech partner universities can also be candidate to Double Master programmes :

  • Students of Tongji University
  • Ponts ParisTech : Master of Transportation Engineering
  • AgroParisTech : Master of Environment Engineering
  • Mines ParisTech : Master of Industrial Risk Management
  • Télécom ParisTech : Master of New Information Technologies

For more information : Programmes de Master de l’IFCIM

  • Students from Fudan University

ParisTech : Double-master programme in Chemistry

  • Students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

ParisTech : Double-Master and Double PhD programmes in Mechanics

  • Students from ICARE institute

Master CARE, in cooperation with Ecole Polytechnique

For more information : website of ICARE institute

  • Students from Tsinghua Univeristy

HEC :Double –Master in Finances

Mines ParisTEch :

Program in International Environement management : ENVIM

Program in International Energy management : ALEF

For more information about those programs, please contact ParisTech office in China.